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There are many agencies, that provide extension support to farmers in Bangladesh. These agencies including government agencies, many non-government organizations (NGOs), commercial traders and input suppliers (manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers) operate in both rural and urban areas of the country. Together, all these partners comprise the National Agricultural Extension System (NAES). Each organization has its own operational strategies for providing extension support to farmers, and the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) within the Ministry of Agriculture is the biggest agency employing a large number of people who provide extension service to many rural areas around the country. For a full report on the pluralistic agricultural extension system in Bangladesh, download or click here

The Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services (MEAS) project conducted an assessment of the pluralistic extension system in Bangladesh in January 2011. The executive summary of the report is available at and the full report is available through the USAID Development Experience Clearing House,

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by Dr. M. Abul Kashem, Professor Department of Agricultural Extension Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
(October 2010, shared with permission as attachment below). Published as a paper at

History and Development of Extension Work in Bangladesh by Dr. M. Abul Kashem
(2004, shared with permission as attachment below).

Sharma, V.P., editor (2006): Report of the APO Seminar on Enhancement of Extension Systems in Agriculture held in Pakistan, 15-20 December 2003. Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo.
  • Bangladesh, pg. 81-90
  • Iran, pg. 116-125

Other Relevant Agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture

Public Sector

Governmental or ministry-based extension organization

Ministry of Agriculture, "The Ministry of Agriculture functions as the national coordinating body for planning, integration and implementation of agricultural policies and projects in the country with the objective of ensuring sustainable food production and achieving self sufficiency. The Ministry is also the central government body responsible for managing all the Agricultural Institutes and Directorates within the country and to represent the interests of the sector in all international forums." (retrieved 5/16/2011)

Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives

Public Research Institution with Extension Unit

University-based Extension

  • Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University, BAU

Semi-autonomous Governmental Extension Organization

Non-Governmental Organizations,  Governmental and Institutional Donors

  • Agricultural Advisory Society
  • D-Net, which is building an ICT network, to provide better access to information on human health problems, with some attention being given to agricultural extension.
  • DANIDA extension projects (DAE, DOF and DLS)
  • World Bank funded National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB), Agricultural and Rural Development Division: Northwest Crop Diversification Project (NCDP)
  • Winrock International. See also "
    Making Transformational, Scalable, and Sustainable Changes in Rural Bangladesh" (click for link)
  • World Vision
USAID funded Projects with Extension Component:
  • Shouardo Project being implemented by CARE International 
  • PRICE project being implemented by Chemonics International 
  • ILSAFARM project being implemented by the IFDC
  • REAP project being implemented by Winrock International

Farmer Based Organization

Private sector organization or firm

 Additional Information Pertaining to Extension
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