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Public Sector

National Level: 

Council of Agriculture, COA
, comprising:
  • Agriculture and Food Agency
  • Fishery Agency
  • Bureau of Agricultural Finance
  • Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine
  • Forestry Bureau
  • Soil and Water Conservation Bureau
  • Agricultural Research Institute
  • Forestry Research Institute
  • Fisheries Research Institute
  • Livestock Research Institute
  • Animal Health Research Institute
  • Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute
  • Endemic Species Research Institute
  • District Agricultural Research and Extension Station
  • Tea Research and Extension Station
  • Seed Improvement and Propagation Station
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Park

County Level:

Agriculture Bureau of County Government


Local Level (City/Village/Township):

Agriculture Section of City/Village/Township Office

Non-Governmental Organizations

Farmer Based Organizations

  • Taiwan Provincial Farmers’ Association (national level)
  • County Farmers’ Associations
    (county evel)
  • City, Village, Township Farmers’ Associations
    (local level)

Private Sector Organizations or Firms

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