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Public Sector

Governmental or ministry-based extension organizations

Public Research Institutions with Extension Unit

University-based Extension

Semi-autonomous Governmental Extension Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations

Farmer Based Organizations

Private Sector Organizations or Firms

Related Resources

Communication and Innovation Studies, Wageningen University
Very active academic group on extension issues in Europe at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

In 2004 we published the third edition of the classic book by Anne van den Ban:

Leeuwis, C. (with contributions by A. Van den Ban) (2004) Communication for rural innovation. Rethinking agricultural extension. Oxford: Blackwell Science.

CIS has published hundreds of academic articles that are relevant to the field. More at

Contact: Cees Leeuwis,
Professor of Communication and Innovation Studies

LEI, Wageningen University

LEI develops economic expertise for government bodies and industry in the field of food, agriculture and the natural environment. By means of independent research, LEI offers its customers a solid basis for socially and strategically justifiable policy choices. Motto: "Creating knowledge today for a better tomorrow". Mission: "to promote the quality of food, the living environment and living conditions within (international) society."