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Images provided by and posted here with permission granted by
Anders Heen, Norsk Landbruksrådgiving

Farmer Based Organization

Norsk Landbruksrådgiving, LFR, Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service,
(267staff in 2009)

  • The main task of the Agricultural Extension Service is to provide updated advisory services to its members, based on scientific results from Bioforsk and UMB (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and from local field trials
  • LFR is comprised of 69 extension groups and approx. 27 000 members, and is led by a national steering committee
  • Each group is owned and controlled by its members
  • Each extension group has its own extension agents, enabling easy access to advice and counseling
  • Membership ensures access to local expertise in all fields related to applied agronomy
  • Anyone running a farm or horticultural business can become a member of the local extension group

Services offered:
  • Crop production advisory services, based on the conditions
    and needs of each individual farm
  • Fertilizer management plans and soil sampling
  • Improvement of product quality and farm economy
  • Improved utilization of farm resources
  • Advisory service in organic/environmentally sound agriculture
  • Management and ecology of the cultural landscape
  • Farm visits, professional seminars, study tours, courses,
    demonstrations etc.
  • Crop-growing manuals, research reports, newsletters for members
A presentation on LFR kindly made available by Anders Heen is attached below.

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