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Public Sector

Ministry of Primary Industries www.agriculture.org.fj

The ministries has 9 divisions, which includes:
  • Crop Extension Division
  • Research Division

  • Demand Driven Approaches
  • Farming Assistance Scheme (transferred to the Ministry of Provincial Development)
  • AgTrade
  • Agri Help Desk

Public Research Institutions with Extension Unit

University-based Extension

Semi-autonomous Governmental Extension Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations

Farmer Based Organizations

  • Fiji Dairy Co-operative Company (formerly Rewa Dairy Cooperatives)
  • Fiji Ginger Council

Private Sector Organizations or Firms

  • Sugar Corporation
  • Fiji Pine Limited
Both provide commodity based extension services.

Related Resources

Agricultural Training

  • Fiji College of Agriculture: Teaching of extension is part of the formal agricultural curriculum in the Diploma in Tropical Agriculture Programme.

Utilization of ICT in Agricultural Extension
"With the financial support of the EU AAACP (All Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Agricultural Commodities Program), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is helping develop an MIS for the Pacific initially focusing on fruits and vegetables, and tree crops. However, participants at a recent regional workshop wanted to broaden the scope to include such information as market prices at key regional markets such as Australia and New Zealand, including prices of inputs, information on weather, road conditions, etc. Lack of capacity is a major challenge to integrating new information into existing systems.

... UNCTAD will work to improve on the Fiji MIS with major partner the Ministry of Primary Industries through Fiji AgTrade, which is mandated to facilitate trade and commodity development. Fiji MPI have an existing agricultural helpdesk which directly helps farmers with information requests. Plans are in place to have four call centres to bring this assistance closer to the rural areas."
  • Prakash, Kamlesh Shashi. (year ?) ICTs – transforming agricultural extension? A case study of Fiji. Ministry of Agriculture, Sugar and Land Resettlement, Fiji. (Retrieved 5/16/2011)