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Papua New Guinea

Public Sector

Department of Agriculture and Livestock www.agriculture.gov.pg
(A completed survey has not yet been received)

"Functions of the Department are:

  • Administer all legislation relating to Agriculture and Livestock.
  • Promote agricultural development and productive employment generation.
  • Assist Provincial Governments to increase their agricultural capacity.
  • Prepare and implement appropriate investment programmes for major commodities and livestock.
  • Liaise with the Rural Development Bank and the National Plantation Managment Authority.
  • Operate Experimental Stations and Laboratories conducting adoptive research into the production and preparation for market of primary production.
  • Provide advisory and technical services to Provincial Government as required.
  • Advise on policies and plan of international and extra-territorial bodies dealing with agriculture and livestock organisations.
  • Provide public extension services and scientific information.
  • Provide services to standing and ad hoc organisations relating to the functions of the Department." (retrieved 5/18/2011)

Private Sector Organizations or Firms

Still seeking information on extension and advisory services provided by:
  • Public Research Institutions with Extension Unit

  • Semi-autonomous Governmental Extension Organizations

  • Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Farmer Based Organizations

  • Private Sector Companies