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Solomon Islands

Public Sector

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

Department of Extension and Training
  • facilitates, develops and implements national agriculture development programmes,
  • champions the use of participatory approaches to extension
  • facilitates the operations of provincial agriculture training centres (in collaboration with provincial authorities),
  • community-based training is offered in collaboration with non-governmental organisations, rural training centres, and other community-based organisations.
  • plays a significant role in facilitating the National Rural Rice Development Programme, the National Oil Palm Development Programme, the Coconut and Cocoa Rehabilitation programmes, and the Rural Development Programme Component 2. (which includes the goal of establishing National Agriculture Information System) 
(retrieved from http://www.spc.int,5/18/2011)

Public Research Institutions with Extension Unit

University-based Extension

Semi-autonomous Governmental Extension Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations

  • The Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) is helping to improve productivity in rice, vegetables, ornamental plants and small livestock. These activities are coordinated closely by the Department of Extension and Training. The National Rice Development with TTM began in 1983 with the successful establishment of demonstration farms. TTM, which is based at King George Farm, is now closely involved in the Provisional Rice Expansion Programme, with eight demonstration sites set up in nine provinces. Two other rice development projects are currently being developed.
  • Australian Agency for International Development: provides funding for the Rural Development Support Project and the Cocoa Livelihood Improvement Programme.
(retrieved from http://www.spc.int,5/18/2011)

Farmer Based Organizations

Private Sector Organizations or Firms

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